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has lost over 70 pounds

and is still going!


Dear Pauline,  

Thank you so much for everything, if it weren’t for you I would of never lost all this weight that I struggled with all my life. You really changed my life and I love you for that. You really inspired me to stick with Zumba®Classes. Even if I couldn’t keep up with the instructors I am always moving and doing the best I could and I'm losing weight doing it. You rock I love u!!



My name is:  Tess McCormack-Raso









          YOU SQUAT. .

                YOU KICK,. . .




                                         ENJOY YOUR EIGHTIES ?



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My ZUMBA® story doesn’t start with the common desire to lose weight.  It was a desire to find something to get my mind off of the stressful events occurring in my life two years ago.  I had decided to get a divorce after 23 years of marriage.  The stress of moving out and making sure my three daughters would be ok with the decisions I had made was overwhelming.  I needed an outlet and some fun FAST!  I walked into Pauline’s class one day on a whim and found my fun.   I spent the first class laughing at myself the entire time.  Me watching myself in full length mirrors trying to dance with my feet and arms moving at the same time was a comedy show.  I had so much fun!  It was an entire hour of no stress and my mind certainly wasn’t on my current circumstances.  I was trying to learn the steps. 

Needless to say, I kept coming back.  I finally learned the steps and was attending classes four to five times per week.  Pauline’s classes are so invigorating and fun.  I have made wonderful new friends and have found an exercise routine that I absolutely love.  I have to admit that I have NEVER exercised in my entire life.  I hated to sweat.  (Well I still hate to sweat)  I hated the thought of exercise.  However, I am having too much fun dancing to even notice that I am sweating or exercising.   I don’t even refer to ZUMBA® classes as an exercise program, although, we all know that it is an awesome workout. 

The bonus to all of this fun is that I lost a total of 35 lbs. and have kept it off for two years.  I have changed my eating habits but without much thought or effort.  I feel better than ever.  I know this an overused cliché, but ZUMBA® classes have  changed my life.  Thank you to Pauline and all the ZUMBA®instructors for all that you do.  You do more than teach an exercise class, you change lives!


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Sick and tired....

Sick of feeling sore in my hips and back when I got up off the couch...

Sick of feeling uncomfortable in my clothes...buttons too tight...rolls showing here and there....

Tired of being upset with myself that I wasn't as fit as I could be...

Tired of making excuses..

So began my Zumba® journey. 

I had heard about Zumba®  workouts from  friends(new and old) who LOVED it.....and of course from Aunt Belinda.  I had seen the infomercials but didn't really think much of it.  Over the past 2 years I had been finishing up a Masters degree, adjusting to my husband's change of employment and dealing with the busy-ness of being a working mom....Teaching all day and coming home to job #2.  I just wasn't making time for myself.  I was eating right based on health and family history but the pounds were creeping on despite eating in a way I thought was best.  I had even done the WW thing too with success in the past.  I knew how to eat right......but it wasn't enough.   As an active teen and 20 something I kept fit all the time but my life was getting the best of me....IT WAS TIME FOR A CHANGE! 

I couldn't have asked for better persuasion (though not direct) from those friends and Aunt Belinda in hearing and seeing their enthusiasm and their results.....I knew if I made a commitment that I too would have results, but it was up to me. I researched by checking out Z-Lifestyle's schedule....location....costs....

 So on July 2nd  I walked in the doors...saw Pauline and Mama...proclaimed an unlimited month membership and haven't looked back since.  I have "sipped the Kool Aid" as some people say...but this Kool Aid feeds the soul....the spirit....the body....the mind.

 My body and mind have been challenged like never before(Some of those moves are NOT easy).  Sweat has been produced in quantities I never thought possible. And my spirit has been enriched with positivism and motivation by members of the classes I attend and all the instructors.

 My clothes fit better....OR better yet, don't fit because they are TOO BIG!

I have made new friends.

I have learned to try and love new foods (GO GREENS!).

I like myself more every day.

I leave class in a true HIGH....

And I have seen the results inside and out...as have others around me.  I am a better person for becoming a part of the Z-Lfestyle family. 

I am no longer sick and tired. I am psyched and inspired!




My Weight loss journey is more like a novel instead of a couple of paragraphs, so I won’t start at the beginning. LOL.  Being overweight my entire life, I am a self proclaimed expert on “diets”. I have invented my own, joined WW, Nutritionists, no carbs etc..You name it I have done it. But over 2 years ago, I decided I needed a Lifestyle change.  I began what I now call my successful weight loss journey.

Eight months into it, I kept hearing about Zumba® workouts, and how fun they are, and this great instructor who has a studio 5 minutes from my office.  So my friend and I decided to check it out.  I walked in and never looked back.  I was greeted by Pauline and Pat (Mama), who although crowded around the desk, made me feel like I was the only person in the room. Growing up obese before it was an epidemic, I am someone who years ago would cry walking into Gyms for fear of the looks and judgment I would get. At Pauline’s studio… I immediately felt at home, encouraged and even a little confident.  That was all before I hit the dance floor!
After my first class I said “WOW” this is what I’ve been looking for. It was love at first MOVE, and that night, I knew I was going to have a lifelong relationship with Zumba® exercise and Z-Lifestyle.  Even though I didn’t get all the moves, I saw Pauline look out into the crowd of “ZEEPS” with her infectious smile and nod to me that I am doing it. I was impressed because she came up to me immediately afterwards and asked if I liked it, then encouraged me to come back and just have fun! 
By week two I was signing up for unlimited classes.  Valentine’s Day came, and after going through a difficult break up a few months before, I decided I would go to Zumba®  class that night “where everybody knows your name” and feel good.  After being handed a flower and a smile on my way out, I told myself I will always make it to Zumba® class  on that day as it has become one of my true loves!  During Hurricane Sandy, Pauline kept in touch through Facebook until we could reunite with positive affirmations and tips on how to work out inside. Where do you ever see that in a gym??
Sixteen months later, I am now over 80 lbs lighter! I still need to lose more weight, but that’s okay.  I’m doing it. I take every new class Pauline offers like ZUMBA SENTAO™ and now R.I.P.P.E.D.  Pauline becomes certified in everything new, and as she GROWS, we LOSE weight and GAIN knowledge, health and confidence!
After hitting Plateau #2, I decided I needed to change things up. When I started her Health Coaching,  I received a new perspective on how a healthy way of living really needs to be. It’s not easy, but walking in that studio every single day makes it worth all the beads of sweat in the world!  I am living proof that the combination of ZUMBA SENTAO™ R.I.P.P.E.D , Zumba® routines and health coaching work. In six weeks, I lost almost 7 inches off my body!   Pauline truly believes in what she does and the happiness of her members. That is not something you see in people every day. 

Zumba®  class and the Z-Lifestyle Family have given me so much more than weight loss. It has given me confidence, joy, fun, and new friendships as well as a different kind of social life. Not to mention a whole new world of GREENS!  I can’t thank Pauline enough! to add text, images, and other content


Dear Pauline,
            Thanks just never seems enough to say for all that I have received from you and your Zumba® classes.  There is definitely more than body transformation going on, lives are being changed.
For starters In Jan/2006 I started a new weight loss journey.  After 2 ½ years, I reached my weight loss goal.  The first year of maintenance was just as hard as losing the weight but I kept plugging along with my regular gym routine.  I reached a point that I needed to challenge myself more and increase the intensity of my workouts.  Realizing I had no desire to push myself that much further at the gym, I knew I needed to keep moving to keep the weight off. It had been a long haul and I was already pushing myself in so many areas of my life.  I was not budging one more bit at the gym.  Searching around for something different I found a Zumba®  class. I loved it so much I could not get enough.  I came across a flyer for a Zumba®  Party by a local instructor (guess who?) and the rest is Zumba®  Love history.  I loved the intensity of the class, the music and the atmosphere.  I went from twice a week to four and more.  Zumba®  class has helped me maintain my weight loss of over 70lbs and I became part of a new family.  The amount of love, concern, encouragement and motivation I receive every time I walk into a class is unique and priceless.  I am so inspired during every class to continue making the healthy choices necessary to dance like no one is watching.    This year with the opening of Z-Lifestyle Dance Fitness Studio I have not stepped foot in a gym since May/2011.  Losing the weight was step one, keeping it off step two, falling in love with my new body step three. For the first time in my adult life, I love the woman I see looking back at me in the mirror. Thank you Pauline for challenging me to enjoy moving more and have fun doing it.
With much Zumba®  love,




Dear Pauline,

My college classmate sent me this picture of the Old Me taken in 2009 for our mini reunion in LA. I was wide as the chair! I think I was even bigger this past summer. I dreaded the scale because the arrow kept going on the wrong direction. Looking at this picture I can't believe how I let myself go and how different I am now- the New Me!  I cannot thank you enough for being so inspiring to all of us. When you struggle all these years to lose weight, words are not enough to express how grateful I am to you. I've tried everything from dieting, to going to the gym and getting a personal trainer, but it got tedious and boring after a while. It was no longer fun so I stopped going to the gym and cancelled my appointments with the trainer. A friend said I should check out your studio, and I’m glad I did. When I attended your class for the first time, I had so much fun! The hour went by so fast, I said to myself Zumba® routines are for me!  Three months later and 16 lbs lighter, I feel good about myself, I have more energy, and I sleep better at night. It’s still a ways to go but I will keep going until I reach my goal. Zumba®  classes  changed my life.

True I did all the work to make it happen but it would not have been possible if I didn't have a great teacher in you. You are an angel. You motivate and encourage people to live a positive and healthy lifestyle. You are an inspiration to all of us. I feel so fortunate to have met you, and your wonderful mom.

Love you my dear Zumba®  Queen,



Eileen's Weight loss journey!

Hi Pauline,
Just as I told you on the phone today, the health benefits from Zumba®  classes with you is beyond amazing!:

  • Minutes before surgery, with NO medication whatsoever, my blood pressure was only 100 over 70!
  • Minutes before surgery, with NO medication whatsoever, my resting pulse was 42 to 50 (normal is 60 to 80); the resting heart rate of a young athlete!
  • Only two weeks after extensive surgery, the swelling on my foot was down so much (with absolutely NO anti-inflammatories sincce I am deathly allergic to them), that I was told that I have the recuperative powers of a young athlete who has incredible circulation!
  • All of these amazing healing properties is directly attributable to my intense Zumba® protocol with YOU (from before surgery).
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


Caren's Weight loss journey!



 What can I say about my Zumba® career? Well, it all started with a visit to my cardiologist. After my check-up I was faced with two options: either lose weight or begin taking blood pressure medication. Obviously I know what I had to do. I’m sort of a couch potato by nature and was intrigued by the infomercials that I saw on TV for Zumba® tapes. I figured that maybe I would buy those tapes and try working out at home. Wanting to do my due diligence and see what it was I was going to get myself into, I found a local class - Pauline’s - and went for a lesson to gauge whether or not I would like it. The fact that I’m writing this right should give an indication as to how much I liked it; I never did buy those tapes but Zumba® Fitness has been part of my daily routine ever since.
Zumba® class isn't just a work out; it’s not some boring fitness class that people slog through. It’s a lot of fun and I look forward to each and every session! It’s thanks to Zumba®  class that I was able to get into much better physical shape and lose a lot of weight I had been struggling to drop for years. In fact, I went from 232 lbs to 176 lbs.
Zumba® classes provided an outlet for me into which I was able to release a lot of stress. This last year was one where I faced a bit of personal adversity and Zumba® Fitness played a large part in helping me get through some really tough times.
For anyone who is considering taking up 
Zumba®  classes, definitely do. The first few classes may not be easy, they certainly weren’t for me, but eventually I learned all the moves and was able to keep up with the pace of the class. That is in large part to Pauline’s instruction and the amount that she really cares about her students. I owe a lot of my self-improvement and better health to her. Honestly, if it wasn’t for her, I probably would have given up after a few classes, but her enthusiastic and warm personality kept me going and kept me motivated. That in itself is a testament to what Zumba® Fitness is all about. Again, it’s not just a workout routine that you go to, it’s a very supportive group of people who care and form a community. So don’t let any doubts about yourself or your abilities deter you. You’ll be really glad that you gave Zumba® Fitness a try. You’ll have a great time, get into fantastic shape, and meet amazing people.


                      My Zumba® story is not only a fitness story, it’s a story of support and community as well.  I started by doing my Zumba® DVD alone at home.  In a twist of fate, one day at Stop N’ Shop I saw Pauline and her husband wearing their Zumba® T-shirts, so I asked them about it.  Pauline gave me her card, which I held onto for way too long before beginning to attend classes.

            When I finally got myself into the studio, it was better than I could have ever expected!  There was a lively variety of music.  It was terrific learning new, sexy dance moves that made me feel fabulous!  The ultimate surprise was when Pat put the belly dancing skirt on me that first night and the jingling began!  Zumba® exercise has provided me with boundless energy.  The added bonus was that I lost 44lbs. in the 8 months that I have been doing Zumba® routines regularly!

            I have now become part of the Zumba® family.  I’ve celebrated New Year’s Eve at the Zumba® party and on Valentine’s day there were flowers for all of the ladies.  Once I even showed up without my sneakers (how dumb!) and Pat lent me hers so I could dance and workout.  I’ve made terrific friends here, who have supported me, both in and out of the studio.  Pauline was so committed to supporting my weight loss and me personally that she even sent me an email when I didn’t show up to a couple of classes, just to check up on me.  I can’t imagine any other exercise instructor doing something like that!  I figured I’d better not miss any more classes!  I mentioned to Pauline how important Zumba® classes were in my life and how much I love her for it, because no matter what was going on in the rest of my life, I would always look forward to class, and dance my stress away!

            Zumba® class is such a fun time that it doesn’t feel like a traditional workout at all.  This is something that I know I’ll be doing and loving for a long, long time.  ♥                 






My weight has always been a struggle for me.  Back in 2003, I managed to lose over 60 pounds without exercise, but it was short-lived as I gained it all back - and then some.  Ever since then, my weight has fluctuated up and down, and I tried every diet out there.  In January 2010 I tagged along with my best friend to a Zumba® class.  I remember my first class vividly - wondering how I was going to make it through a whole class after struggling from just the warm up songs.  I started out by taking only 1 class per week and kept at it.  Each week when I’d walk through the doors, I’d be encouraged by my instructor, Pauline, and forgot that I was actually exercising.  It’s exactly what they say, it’s “exercise in disguise”.


 There are no words that truly express how much Pauline has touched my life. She is always there with a smile and her energy is infectious.  She makes you want to work harder and push yourself.  I’m so thankful that I found myself walking through the door into HER studio.  It’s such a cliché to say if I could do it then you could too, but I literally went from not exercising at all to now taking over 7 classes per week and following a diet plan that has me down over 55 pounds.  I found something that is worth sticking to.  My weight loss journey continues and I’m glad that I have Pauline and the wonderful friends I met in my Zumba® classes to share it with.




In January, when I started taking Pauline's class, I weighed approximately 195 pounds. I'm down 2 dress sizes from 14 to 10. I can't believe I lost 25 pounds in five months having fun! Actually, I think I'm quite addicted to ZUMBA® classes now and the results make me want to keep going. My ideal weight is 145 pounds so it is my goal to lose another 25 pounds by the end of the year. Thank you for making class so much fun. I really look forward to them.


Just 18 months ago, I was a tired, depressed, overweight, out of shape and introverted person.  In an effort to motivate me, one of my dear friends asked me to take a Zumba® class with her but I really didn't feel up to it.  I was not motivated to exercise, especially in a group setting, but with some persistence she convinced me to 'just try it'. I figured I would go just to make her happy and then never go back.  

 Well...I tried one class and it changed my mind forever. I discovered that Zumba® exercise was way too much fun to never go back. The music was lively and uplifting. The moves were fun and easy to follow and Pauline made me feel very comfortable. I didn't feel like I was working out or exercising. The hour just flew by. I signed up for one class per week but before long I was taking up to four classes a week. As a result, I could feel my "shell" begin to crack and the "happy me" emerging once again.  

I am so grateful to have been introduced to Zumba® F

itness. It has helped me make a complete head-to-toe transformation.  In just 10 months, I lost 50 lbs and consequently dropped from a size 14/L to a size 4/S!! But that's not all! Zumba® exercise has helped me relieve stress, reduce anxiety, lessen depression, improve my self esteem, increase my energy level and make new friends. I've come to love and appreciate Zumba® classes so much that I decided to become an instructor.   


I signed up for a "Biggest Loser Get Fit Challenge!" at my job.  I wanted to win, but I realized that in order to stay motivated to lose weight, I needed to workout.  I signed up for Zumba® classes 2 times a week and after the first class I was hooked.  The classes are a lot of fun and easy to follow.  Thanks to Zumba® Fitness, I am happy to report that I was the "Biggest Loser!" and I have lost a total of 19 pounds!!


This beautiful woman has been in my class for a long time and she has shrunk before my eyes!  The first photo is taken after she lost 35pounds...the second photo is at her son's wedding.  She looks STUNNING!  




I am writing to thank you for so many things. Thinking "where do I begin", the answer was simple........thank you for being the kind, caring, fun, loving adorable, down to earth, amazing YOU that you are!
It has been just about six months that I have been taking your Zumba® classes.  I wanted to tell you how much you, and your Zumba® classes have meant to me.  I don't have to convince you of the "ditch the workout, join the party," or "exercise in disguise," or "Zumba® class is so much fun," etc., etc., you already know these things in addition to how Zumba® routines can make you lose weight, maintain weight, make you feel great, reduce stress etc., etc., etc.  Yes, you know all of these things, however, I did not know any of this until I started taking your classes.  My story is quite boring I'm sure compared to all the people who have lost so much weight. It's amazing to see so many people feel better, healthier and stronger, in general feeling better about themselves.   I have trained in a gym on and off over the last 20 years. For about 5 ½ months prior to starting Zumba® classes,I had been working out in the gym 5 days a week and felt great and healthy.  Going to the gym just felt so incomplete, and yes, I am going to say it.....wait for it.......boring!  It's quite interesting how throughout my 20 years (on and off) at the gym, I do not think I ever met anyone, friend or acquaintance.  In Zumba® class, I have met so many wonderful people who have SOOOOOOOO much love and kindness to share; and THAT has been an additional and beautiful blessing to me.            


As far as the "weight" aspect, I will say that after those 5 ½ months in the gym, I could NOT lose those last few pounds. I was going up and down, and although I didn't need to lose it, I had a certain Dear goal that I wanted to reach.  After a few weeks of Zumba® workouts, I was able to lose those few pounds and keep them off so easily, even without sticking to my strict meal plan. (still eating healthy of course, we all know that is very important regardless)  This was truly an added bonus for me....because my reason for trying Zumba® Fitness was not necessarily about losing weight!!  Obviously, that is not the only thing Zumba® Fitness is good for, since you use just about your entire body you become more fit ALL OVER...even in those trouble spots us women have (we won't name them)   But again, Zumba® Fitness is so much more than that.  Like I said before, the people I have met, the Zumba® family, is a big part of what makes it so special. Getting back to the beginning of this letter....(yes, I'm bouncing around all over, sound familiar.......me in class...LOL)  Seriously though, none of this could not be possible without an amazing, fearless leader.  YOU are everything, and more, of what Zumba® Fitness is! You have the COMPLETE package as an instructor, and I mean that in all sincerity. I know that Tanya is proud of you, and I am certain that Beto would be EXTREMELY proud of you as well. After taking the B1 training course, I realized even more how you keep to the high standards of what Zumba® Fitness is and your studio is authentic! I have taken several Zumba® classes before your studio opened and none of them had that “Zumba®” feel!  You have such talent, passion, major, major cuteness, and I LOVE how you care about your students and how you are always looking out for us, making sure we are getting the moves, using our muscles, and yes....even still breathing.  However, let's not forget the BEST part...the FUN that you bring to each and every class, no…let me rephrase that…..each and every song!!   You also make us feel part of your family, and that brings all of us together in a special way. 

Tanya Beardsley stresses (and REALLY stresses) leaving your ego at the door when you are an instructor, but I walk through your door five times a week and there is no ego hanging around the door, nor inside the studio.  You are humble and down to earth and I know that all of your students will agree, and I KNOW for a fact how much they love and admire you as well!!
Most importantly, thank you for using your talents to help others with the various fundraisers.  We are blessed to be able to be a part of that as well.
The parties and special classes........what a bonus...I can't even put into words!
And let me not leave out anyone....your Mom, husband and kids for the incredible amount of support that they give you which is so important to us, your students. I know all too well the importance of having a supportive family. I have seen both ends of the spectrum.  We also know that you have our best interest in mind when hiring instructors for your studio, they are all absolutely wonderful instructors and human beings!!
If (and that's a big IF!) along my Zumba® path, I should stumble across some small miracle and be able to actually "instruct", please know that no matter what, first and foremost, I will be your student, forever and always!
So from the bottom of my heart, my Zumba® love filled beating heart, thank you, thank you, thank you. May you continue to be blessed and be the blessing you are to so many others!!

With love and admiration,

Susan Quintana



Just wanted to let you know that... YOU ROCK PAULINE!!!

The first time I took your class a couple of months ago, I was confused, scared, and embarrassed.  I couldnt keep up, and I was like, "Oh, how corny is this!  They got this woman up in here making these stiff ladies gyrate to reggaeton music!  Ha, ha, ha, this is soooo silly, I am never taking this class again!"  Then I took it a second and third time and completely FELL IN LOVE!!! 

I enjoy your class sooooo much, that I started to look forward to Wednesdays!! I enjoyed myself sooo much at the fundraiser the other day.  

Thank you, thank you, thank you again and keep up the GREAT work!

Erica T. Sanford "Keep Smiling"

Paul (aka Laura!)

A very sweet email from a husband...

Dear Pauline,

My wife Laura loves your classes. You are definitely her favorite. When she comes from your classes she is totally happy and fired up. You get her turned on so that I benefit.

Many years ago my wife was in a car accident; she was hit by a drunk driver. The accident left her in a wheelchair and she had been told by other doctors that she would never walk again. Thanks to Chiropractic care she had the miracle of regaining her ability to walk. Even though she is limited with what she can do with her body, she truly enjoys and benefits from your classes.

This is the first time in many years that she is exercising. Laura has become very friendly with many of the members, and she has heard only good things about you and never a complaint. Your classes are the best attended. When Laura first joined, every member told her that she should come to your class. 

Pauline, my wife told me that when you are teaching you are so happy that you spread joy and happiness to the entire crowd. You are truly a gift that brings love to everyone.

During this hard stressful time with the economy, you bring hope to all and relieve their anxiety.

Paul B. Bindell, DC 




This past Wednesday, I was not feeling good; I was very stressed out. But I pushed myself just to go to your class on Wednesday night. I am very glad that I went. 


The positive energy that you spread is my best medication. The love, excitement and happiness that you bring to the class is truly a blessing. Your choreography exceeds my expectations week after week. Your Hava Nagila, the way you "Zumed" it up was amazingly magical. 


After you left the class, a huge number of my friends got together with me and all we could talk about was how much we enjoyed and benefitted from your class. I am truly amazed how every friend that I have met from your class tells me how your class gives them healing beyond anything else. 


I want to Bless you from my heart, that you should always be happy, healthy and wealthy so you can keep all of us happy and healthy with your Zumba® classes. 

Blessings from the Bindell's (Dr. Paul and Laura) 


The first time I took a Zumba® class, it was due to my Salsa Aerobics class being cancelled and instead Pauline was teaching a Zumba® class. I had never heard of this class before but when she said it was a mixture of Latin dance & aerobics, I thought I would give it a try. Now I can't get enough.

I always feel so energized when I finish and I never miss an opportunity. Pauline makes the class so much fun. I never thought I could lose weight laughing and joking with new friends all from one workout class. Thanks Pauline...you have turned my workout time into fun time!


Now I'm down to a size 6! 




I am one of the students who attend your classes regularly at Lucille Roberts.  Well Ihave to tell you that I am hooked.  I love Zumba® classes! I have brought my friends to your class and they are hooked also! After taking your class for 3 months, I thought I’d send you an email to express my appreciation to you. I have enjoyed your class from the time I began. I want to tell you how great your Zumba® class is! It is the best class ever! I have been a gym member for 3 years and usually I take step class, Yoga class or treadmill. But none of the exercises could let me feel so happy, energetic and "alive", after sitting in front of computer for 8 hours. The other classes are good, but somehow monotonous. Zumba® Fitness fulfills the dream of exercise, dancing, enjoyment, & self-recognition. It took me a while to build up the courage to take this class. What is Zumba® Fitness? It looked so difficult! Could I do it? I CAN’T dance! I have two left feet and don’t even know how to make my hips move. Now, this hour is the happiest time of the week and something I am looking forward to every week and boy, can I dance!  I love coming to your classes. The energy I receive from you and the other ladies is wonderful.  The energy I receive from Zumba® class itself is awesome.  When I finish your class, I feel ready to take on the day.  I'm looking and feeling better too! You wouldn’t imagine how you influenced my life!! I recommend Zumba® Fitness to everyone!  Zumba® class is a "Feel Happy" workout and almost everyone who tries it, gets carried away by the music and moves! Thanks for all your efforts for making our class so enjoyable! I know you make so many ladies happy because you are wonderful, enthusiastic, and fun instructor!  Keep up the great work!!!!



A friend of mine told me that I had to try a Zumba® Class. Being a working mother, and trying to put myself first to exercise has been extremely difficult. When I first found out that Pauline was having Zumba® class right around the corner from my house, I said to myself “okay Let’s see what this is all about”. When I first started back in February of 2008, I was not very confident, but I found Zumba® Fitness to be absolutely amazing, and so much fun! I used to dance right in front of the wall, so I wouldn’t have to see myself in the mirror. Little by little, I began dancing toward the mirror where I can see myself. I am so much more confident in myself, and it is a fun way to lose weight. I am down from a size 20 to a 16. I still have a way to go, but Pauline’s class makes us sweat and at the same time we are having a blast! 



As I began my first Zumba® workout about a year ago I did not imagine I would become such a Zumba® fanatic.  However, because of the entertainment factor I found myself taking a second, then third class. Pauline’s energy and enthusiasm is contagious!  In addition to improving my strength, balance, and energy levels, Zumba® class is such an “in the moment” process. A positive outlook and mood enhancement are great by-products of Zumba® class - - sort of like the effects of meditation but a lot more fun. Everyone is happy during Pauline’s Zumba® classes!

Finally, I have a workout that I love that burns calories without the injuries I used to experience from overdoing some exercise movement. Now I really sweat and get into the movements but I actually feel good versus relieved after a Zumba® workout.  Just a few months after I started regular Zumba® classes with Pauline my walking stride improved, and various intermittent pains in my knees, hips and even my neck have mostly disappeared. The people at the physical therapy clinics probably wonder what happened to me because I was such a regular patient, with a different problem each time!  And somehow during all of this fun and partying I lost some weight and dropped a couple of sizes. 


Thanks to Pauline and Zumba® classes, I have more energy and I’m in a great mood.  Best of all, no aches, no pains, and no wobble in my walk, plus a smaller pants size!  What a deal!



I just wanted to take the time to tell you in an email, that you are truly a lifesaver. I started your class in January with Vanessa, on Tuesday and Thursday nights. As someone who has struggled with my weight for several years, I was at a crossroads and have never been the type of girl who was into going to the gym and traditionally "working out". Both of my parents are diabetics and at 30, I knew it was time to make a change so as not to go down the same path.


The first night of class I was nervous and thought I would feel silly, You made me feel so at ease and I couldn't believe i was actually having fun "working out" I look forward to every class and I feel like it is a family, all the women are so nice and I have never felt so at ease doing anything like this before. I have even downloaded some Zumba® music and find myself gyrating around the house while drying my hair, putting make-up on or doing the dishes! WOW, who knew?



I have lost 17lbs since starting in January and look forward to the rest coming off as I progress, I am a singer and have stopped performing on stage because of stage fright and insecurities with my weight, I am slowly getting back into music and am feeling so good about myself these days. I just wanted to take the time to thank you as I don’t always have the time to tell you in person! You really are a lifesaver! Thanks so much for all you do!



Hi Pauline 


Thanks for a Great Class.  I now have a conflict -what do I enjoy more Zumba® class or Zumba® Toning?  Well, I don't have to decide.  I am in both classes!!!


As you might remember, with the help of Zumba® class, Fish oil capsules and watching my diet, I have managed to reduce my cholesterol from 217 to 176.  My Doctor could not believe I did this without drugs!


Hi Pauline,
I wanted to sit down and write this e-mail because this has been on my mind most of the day today.  I was in a car accident just yesterday, but have little soreness and am doing great.  I have to say I owe that to you. This may sound extremely crazy, but it is true.  This past December, I watched as you had a class here in the club house at Town and Country.  I spoke to you for about a minute and then just watched and said I might try that.  Well the flier sat on the notice board staring at me every day as I got my mail or when I passed by.  Well, one day I said, “I am going to check this out”.  The minute I walked in to your class you greeted me and introduced yourself and what Zumba® Fitness was all about.  Your energy that evening had me hooked and I have been spreading the word and that energy to everyone that I know. 


Here I am six months later and realized when I woke up this morning after my accident and all I had was just some sore muscles that I would have had after a really hard workout.  Yesterday, my dad made a point to say that because I have been taking the Zumba® classes my body was able to with stand the impact.  Strange as it may sound he is correct.  You are an inspiration to everyone that comes in that door, your energy, liveliness, and confidence is what keeps people coming back.

Thank you for all that you have done for me.  (Just so you know my husband thanks you too.)



Dearest Pauline,

Tonight's Zumba® party was an absolute blast, I am still on a high from it, and i bet i wont come off it for a while. Standing there in the circle of Zumba® love, and friends that we have all became really got me thinking about how much your classes, how much you have influenced my life in such a positive way.

I remember standing in the back of Lucille Roberts, watching the end of your first demo class there and saying how i had to be a part of that amazing energy. Then, the next time i saw the class, i took it and oh baby after that i was hooked. The sound , the enthusiasm, the spunk , was just surreal.  Standing in my spot toward the back was perfect for me, i got to shake it without taking all the attention.. But you saw how much i had to give, and harnessed my energy too by pulling me upfront. Pauline- not only did i feel good, it empowered me that i can take center-stage even if im tall, and that I got the groove!

Coming to your class every Wednesday, was the highlight of my week , and when i had to miss it, well life was not the same. Soon the layers of clothing were less and i was becoming more and more confident with my body.  After each class all of us Zumba®holics would schmooze and soon we became a group of friends that well is just positive energy that i love being with . Typically, people might think that giving a class is enough, not you; you encouraged me to go for my Zumba® instructor cert. and then pumped me up to start giving classes. After all of that, you handed me that cherished class where we first met at Lucille, and i knew i had to make it the best possible because boy, did i have a legacy to live up to.

When i needed help with my fundraiser, you were there encouraging me, and helping me teach. To make me feel always included  and welcome you send out your emails and make sure im coming to the party. Your even sensitive to my religious schedule- changing the timing of your party around, as well as ask me if i can do a song- what an honor it is!! Tonight i stood up on stage, in a Zumba® halter bra-ish thing. and pants- decked out in Zumba® wear oh yea! I would have never have done that before.

It was really a pleasure.Pauline, knowing you has only brought more pleasantness, happiness, spunk, and charisma in my life. I wanted to thank you for all you are and all you have given / continue to give to me, and people like me. Its truely and honor to know you, be a part of your life, be able to party with you , look up to you, and to call you a dear friend.


Yours Truly, 




Thank you for bringing fun and laughter back into my life through ZUMBA® Fitness.  You have been a wonderful and amazing fitness instructor and I truly appreciate your talents.  Thanks again for giving me lift through life's challenges.  I really have enjoyed your classes.  I wish you continued success with ZUMBA® class. 



Dear Pauline,

I definitely missed zumba this morning too! I don’t know if I have ever shared this with you, but I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 3 years ago. I have been struggling with pain this week, so I took the day off…but I’ll be back on Monday! I have been meaning to tell you though, how thankful I am for you and for zumba. It has seriously changed my life. I spent a long time avoiding much exercise because I was afraid I would just end up in more pain, but since I have started doing zumba regularly, my pain has been better and much more under control. Infact, I spent much of the summer pain-free! It’s no coincidence that I have also lost 40+ lbs since starting zumba which helps alleviate some of the stress on my joints… and I have loved every minute of your classes. I have never worked out so hard, seen such great results, and had so much fun exercising… ever! You deserve so so much credit for making your classes so much fun, and for being so inspiring every time I get to see you. As a teacher, I truly respect and appreciate all you do for your students, and I feel so lucky to have you and zumba in my life! You are truly a blessing!!! Thank you for everything you are, and everything you do. 

With love,


To Anyone Who Reads This:  This is an unusual Thanksgiving Testimonial from someone who has lived through 60 Thanksgiving Holidays--although I hope I don't look 60--and I sure as heck absolutely do not act like I'm 60!!!

My name is Eileen (aka:  Elena Fuerte;  aka:  The Silver Fox).  I believe in living life to the fullest and in not weighing down others with negative vibes.  Life is a present and I am very thankful for the gifts I have been given in this regard.  I actually had a "heart to heart" with myself a few years a go and tried to realize the purpose of my life.  I may not be remembered by many when I have left this earthly plane, but I do hope that while I am "here" that I am a positive force in the lives of others.  I'd like to believe that I make others feel good about themselves--I certainly appreciate every experience that I have and every person that I meet.


I'd like to tell you now about a person who has made an incredible difference in my life and in the lives of many others.  Pauline Henriques (affectionately known by me as "Zumba® Guru") has a special place on this earth--she has definitely redefined my goals and far surpassed my humble abilities to be a "force for good in the world".  I have never written a fan letter, but this is what it feels like to me.  Pauline has an inner glow and outer warmth that is felt by all who have contact with her.  Pauline is a humble human being who only knows how to put everyone in a positive light and who brings out the best in all.  I'm sure she doesn't even realize the type of karma she gives off or how she encourages the world to be a welcoming and safe haven for others.  If Pauline isn't donating her time (at least once a month) to a worthy cause, then she is getting the world in shape one happy camper at a time.  Pauline is like an angel on earth--her essence lifts everyone up and just her presence alone is enough to turn a frown into a smile and lift spirits immediately.  


You, "Zumba® Guru of the Highest Order" are certainly a gift from above--and on Thanksgiving--and every day, I give thanks that you are a presence in my life and a true friend.



May you and your wonderful family have a glorious holiday season and may the happiness that you give to others come full circle to you and to yours. 


My name is Margie, I am in my mid 40’s and have also tried taking care of myself , whether it be physically, spiritually & mentally.  But as we all know living in today’s world with our high demands of our jobs and families finding that balance of feeling good inside and out is extremely difficult.  

I was a member of a Gym for over nine years.  I would get up at 4:30 AM and be working out by 5:00 AM including a spin class.  I would then rush home by 7:00 get my family ready for work & school, I even prepared dinner before work, I would then stress and rush to work and see patients from 9-6.   My days were forever long and exhausting; I was always tired and very stressed with this routine.  My doctor emphasized that a woman my age NEEDED adequate rest in order for my metabolism to get moving.   They also stressed the importance of finding an exercise routine that would be relaxing and good for my SOUL.  So I found Yoga, which helped me find inner peace & total relaxation with great movements I have never done before.  But I was still lacking something else, this was when a friend shared with me that she attended a Zumba® Class and loved it.  She told me the program was so fulfilling and fun and I had to try it.


The Zumba® Program for me has been like no other workout experience!   It has filled that void I have been missing in my soul for the last 10 years.   I come from a Hispanic background, and the music of all of the Latin rhythms just pulsates through my blood stream during a Zumba® Class.  Every single instructor brings their energy that not only motivates me but inspires the class that anyone can feel positive about themselves inside & out.   The Zumba® Program is so unique because you are so busy shaking what you got, you forget you are actually exercising.  With every Zumba® Class you just feel so alive and full of energy no matter what.  With every class I never realized my hips swivel so much and actually burn up to 1100 calories per class!!!   The Zumba® Program has given the grace and confidence that I have been looking for because at this point since I join the Zumba® Program I am 26 pounds lighter.   I will continue to work hard and master my shoulder shimmy moves and torch more calories!!! 


My name is Eileen and here is my story:

Almost two years ago I realized that I was nearing 60 and that all was not well with my life (or at least some very important aspects of it).  You name any type of fitness, diet, motivational or therapeutic movement, and I was part of it.  I’ve spent most of my adult life trying to find “perfect happiness”.   I know that since one cannot exist in a vacuum, “perfect happiness” must be fleeting—if at all attainable.  That still never stopped me from trying, and needing, to find it.


I don’t know which came first—“the chicken or the egg”.  Did unfulfilled and even subconscious dreams and desires cause depression and compulsive overeating, or did the overeating and consequent enormous weight gain cause depression.  Whatever the cause, I felt that I was a mess on every conceivable emotional and physical level.  I always worried about the world and felt the weight of it to my very soul.  It seems that I was destined to live my life in a rut—filled with anxiety as well as loathing about my “ugly” body.  Although I never showed my true anxieties or unhappiness to the world, it was lying beneath the surface for many, many years.  I rarely, if ever, asked my family or friends for help because I believed I was just being silly or selfish in “wanting it all”.  I never asked God for help, because I didn’t deem it important enough to bother HIM with my issues.


One day I read about a new type of exercise/dance movement that was being hailed as the most fun one could ever have while working out and getting fit.  It was called Zumba® Fitness.  Since I absolutely LOVE to dance and was willing to try yet another “fix”, I went to a free class at a gym.  This became the defining moment in my “new life”.  I had the privilege, honor and joy of experiencing a Zumba® class with Pauline Henriques.  I stumbled into the gym, scared and out of shape, and suddenly Pauline unsuspectingly became a huge presence in my life—only she didn’t even know it!  


I enjoyed myself so much that I couldn’t stop thinking about the class or the incredible instructor that had about 80 people following her every move with joy and abandon.  I decided, however, not to join that particular gym since, except for Pauline and that class, it was a depressing place.  I put Zumba® class on the back burner and didn’t give it another thought.


About two weeks later, a friend told me about a Zumba® exercise class that was being given right near where we lived, and asked me to check out the particulars and get back to her about it.  I went to the studio in Garnerville and copied down the number.  I left a phone message for the instructor (I thought it quite a coincidence as well as good karma that this instructor also had the name Pauline), and when she returned my call, she told me to come to her class with my friends.  As it turns out, I was the only one of my friends who could attend.  Imagine my surprise when I arrived and realized that the instructor was none other than “MY Pauline” from the gym!  I was delighted and extremely excited.


So much has happened since my serendipitous arrival--first at the gym, and then at the Garnerville studio.   I truly believe that I owe my “new and improved life” to my dear friend, my “Zumba® Guru”, Pauline.  I’ve become a Zumba® devotee and a dedicated follower of Pauline (that means a lot when I really DO follow her to studios all over Rockland County!).  


My life has changed dramatically, and all for the better. I feel transformed.   My depression has totally evaporated, and my zest for life has magically reappeared.  My energy level is off the scoreboard and my happiness is immeasurable.  I cannot imagine my life without Pauline and Zumba® class as an integral part of it--I spread the word wherever I go.  If someone would allow me to, I’d let the entire world know what Pauline Henrigues and Zumba® classes  have done for my emotional, physical and spiritual well being.  I am now a very strong, independent person who feels very good about herself (not just someone who used to pretend).  I feel that I can accomplish anything that I want to do and that there is no limit to my capabilities or to what life has to offer me.  I feel so much younger and agile in both body and mind.  I, more often  than not, now see difficulties or worrisome problems that pop up in life simply as challenges that I am eager to energetically tackle and overcome.   


The mind-body connection is extremely powerful, and I will be forever grateful that Pauline and Zumba® Fitness came into my life to both strengthen, and make more flexible, these key components in my living life to the fullest.  When I am in a Zumba® class with Pauline I feel transported—it’s almost like an out-of-body experience.  I feel such unadulterated joy and freedom—which happily then carries over to other parts of my life.


I’ve always tried to make others feel good about themselves and to give positive feedback to all.  I love to help others and try to inspire everyone to reach his or her potential.  It is beyond wonderful to be able to give of myself now that I feel so much powerful energy emanating from within.  I feel especially grateful and humble that I now feel this incredible joy and happiness—it’s as though what I’ve always wished for, and tried to nurture in others, is now coming back full circle to me. 


I’ve always felt that God is loving and has always shone HIS light on me as well as on us all.  I don’t know if I’m worthy, but it seems as though on a conscious level, by meeting Pauline—the woman with the inner glow and outer warmth of the sun—that HE has sent this angel on earth to make us all happier, better people.


There are no words to adequately express what I feel, so I’ll simply say “thank you” Pauline.  May all the joy and strength you’ve brought to others, come back to you tenfold.  Parroting Tina Turner’s words, “You simply are the best”.



Love, Eileen 

Desiree - winner of the January 2011 Weight Loss Challenge!

Winner of the January 2011 weight loss challenge, with a weight loss of 7.48%, is Desiree! 

Ever since I was a kid in Elementary School, I've been teased about my weight. I never had good self-esteem or self-confidence. I was always worried that people were staring at me, making fun of me behind my back. I tried so many different ways to lose weight: diet pills, running, going to the gym. None of them seemed to stick. Finally, though, I have found something that works for me. Zumba® class keeps me entertained and motivated to work out. It's fun and it works!



Since winning the weight loss challenge, I feel like a new person. I feel thinner, happier, and sexier! Zumba® Fitness has given me the confidence that I have never known before!

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