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My name is:  Tess McCormack-Raso








          YOU SQUAT. .

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                                         ENJOY YOUR EIGHTIES !





My Weight loss journey is more like a novel instead of a couple of paragraphs, so I won’t start at the beginning. LOL.  Being overweight my entire life, I am a self proclaimed expert on “diets”. I have invented my own, joined WW, Nutritionists, no carbs etc..You name it I have done it. But over 2 years ago, I decided I needed a Lifestyle change.  I began what I now call my successful weight loss journey.

Eight months into it, I kept hearing about Zumba® workouts, and how fun they are, and this great instructor who has a studio 5 minutes from my office.  So my friend and I decided to check it out.  I walked in and never looked back.  I was greeted by Pauline and Pat (Mama), who although crowded around the desk, made me feel like I was the only person in the room. Growing up obese before it was an epidemic, I am someone who years ago would cry walking into Gyms for fear of the looks and judgment I would get. At Pauline’s studio… I immediately felt at home, encouraged and even a little confident.  That was all before I hit the dance floor!
After my first class I said “WOW” this is what I’ve been looking for. It was love at first MOVE, and that night, I knew I was going to have a lifelong relationship with Zumba® exercise and Z-Lifestyle.  Even though I didn’t get all the moves, I saw Pauline look out into the crowd of “ZEEPS” with her infectious smile and nod to me that I am doing it. I was impressed because she came up to me immediately afterwards and asked if I liked it, then encouraged me to come back and just have fun! 
By week two I was signing up for unlimited classes.  Valentine’s Day came, and after going through a difficult break up a few months before, I decided I would go to Zumba®  class that night “where everybody knows your name” and feel good.  After being handed a flower and a smile on my way out, I told myself I will always make it to Zumba® class  on that day as it has become one of my true loves!  During Hurricane Sandy, Pauline kept in touch through Facebook until we could reunite with positive affirmations and tips on how to work out inside. Where do you ever see that in a gym??
Sixteen months later, I am now over 80 lbs lighter! I still need to lose more weight, but that’s okay.  I’m doing it. I take every new class Pauline offers like ZUMBA SENTAO™ and now R.I.P.P.E.D.  Pauline becomes certified in everything new, and as she GROWS, we LOSE weight and GAIN knowledge, health and confidence!
After hitting Plateau #2, I decided I needed to change things up. When I started her Health Coaching,  I received a new perspective on how a healthy way of living really needs to be. It’s not easy, but walking in that studio every single day makes it worth all the beads of sweat in the world!  I am living proof that the combination of ZUMBA SENTAO™ R.I.P.P.E.D , Zumba® routines and health coaching work. In six weeks, I lost almost 7 inches off my body!   Pauline truly believes in what she does and the happiness of her members. That is not something you see in people every day. 

Zumba®  class and the Z-Lifestyle Family have given me so much more than weight loss. It has given me confidence, joy, fun, and new friendships as well as a different kind of social life. Not to mention a whole new world of GREENS!  I can’t thank Pauline enough! to add text, images, and other content


Dear Pauline,
            Thanks just never seems enough to say for all that I have received from you and your Zumba® classes.  There is definitely more than body transformation going on, lives are being changed.
For starters In Jan/2006 I started a new weight loss journey.  After 2 ½ years, I reached my weight loss goal.  The first year of maintenance was just as hard as losing the weight but I kept plugging along with my regular gym routine.  I reached a point that I needed to challenge myself more and increase the intensity of my workouts.  Realizing I had no desire to push myself that much further at the gym, I knew I needed to keep moving to keep the weight off. It had been a long haul and I was already pushing myself in so many areas of my life.  I was not budging one more bit at the gym.  Searching around for something different I found a Zumba®  class. I loved it so much I could not get enough.  I came across a flyer for a Zumba®  Party by a local instructor (guess who?) and the rest is Zumba®  Love history.  I loved the intensity of the class, the music and the atmosphere.  I went from twice a week to four and more.  Zumba®  class has helped me maintain my weight loss of over 70lbs and I became part of a new family.  The amount of love, concern, encouragement and motivation I receive every time I walk into a class is unique and priceless.  I am so inspired during every class to continue making the healthy choices necessary to dance like no one is watching.    This year with the opening of Z-Lifestyle Dance Fitness Studio I have not stepped foot in a gym since May/2011.  Losing the weight was step one, keeping it off step two, falling in love with my new body step three. For the first time in my adult life, I love the woman I see looking back at me in the mirror. Thank you Pauline for challenging me to enjoy moving more and have fun doing it.
With much Zumba®  love,



I am writing to thank you for so many things. Thinking "where do I begin", the answer was simple........thank you for being the kind, caring, fun, loving adorable, down to earth, amazing YOU that you are!
It has been just about six months that I have been taking your Zumba® classes.  I wanted to tell you how much you, and your Zumba® classes have meant to me.  I don't have to convince you of the "ditch the workout, join the party," or "exercise in disguise," or "Zumba® class is so much fun," etc., etc., you already know these things in addition to how Zumba® routines can make you lose weight, maintain weight, make you feel great, reduce stress etc., etc., etc.  Yes, you know all of these things, however, I did not know any of this until I started taking your classes.  My story is quite boring I'm sure compared to all the people who have lost so much weight. It's amazing to see so many people feel better, healthier and stronger, in general feeling better about themselves.   I have trained in a gym on and off over the last 20 years. For about 5 ½ months prior to starting Zumba® classes,I had been working out in the gym 5 days a week and felt great and healthy.  Going to the gym just felt so incomplete, and yes, I am going to say it.....wait for it.......boring!  It's quite interesting how throughout my 20 years (on and off) at the gym, I do not think I ever met anyone, friend or acquaintance.  In Zumba® class, I have met so many wonderful people who have SOOOOOOOO much love and kindness to share; and THAT has been an additional and beautiful blessing to me.            


As far as the "weight" aspect, I will say that after those 5 ½ months in the gym, I could NOT lose those last few pounds. I was going up and down, and although I didn't need to lose it, I had a certain Dear goal that I wanted to reach.  After a few weeks of Zumba® workouts, I was able to lose those few pounds and keep them off so easily, even without sticking to my strict meal plan. (still eating healthy of course, we all know that is very important regardless)  This was truly an added bonus for me....because my reason for trying Zumba® Fitness was not necessarily about losing weight!!  Obviously, that is not the only thing Zumba® Fitness is good for, since you use just about your entire body you become more fit ALL OVER...even in those trouble spots us women have (we won't name them)   But again, Zumba® Fitness is so much more than that.  Like I said before, the people I have met, the Zumba® family, is a big part of what makes it so special. Getting back to the beginning of this letter....(yes, I'm bouncing around all over, sound familiar.......me in class...LOL)  Seriously though, none of this could not be possible without an amazing, fearless leader.  YOU are everything, and more, of what Zumba® Fitness is! You have the COMPLETE package as an instructor, and I mean that in all sincerity. I know that Tanya is proud of you, and I am certain that Beto would be EXTREMELY proud of you as well. After taking the B1 training course, I realized even more how you keep to the high standards of what Zumba® Fitness is and your studio is authentic! I have taken several Zumba® classes before your studio opened and none of them had that “Zumba®” feel!  You have such talent, passion, major, major cuteness, and I LOVE how you care about your students and how you are always looking out for us, making sure we are getting the moves, using our muscles, and yes....even still breathing.  However, let's not forget the BEST part...the FUN that you bring to each and every class, no…let me rephrase that…..each and every song!!   You also make us feel part of your family, and that brings all of us together in a special way. 

Tanya Beardsley stresses (and REALLY stresses) leaving your ego at the door when you are an instructor, but I walk through your door five times a week and there is no ego hanging around the door, nor inside the studio.  You are humble and down to earth and I know that all of your students will agree, and I KNOW for a fact how much they love and admire you as well!!
Most importantly, thank you for using your talents to help others with the various fundraisers.  We are blessed to be able to be a part of that as well.
The parties and special classes........what a bonus...I can't even put into words!
And let me not leave out anyone....your Mom, husband and kids for the incredible amount of support that they give you which is so important to us, your students. I know all too well the importance of having a supportive family. I have seen both ends of the spectrum.  We also know that you have our best interest in mind when hiring instructors for your studio, they are all absolutely wonderful instructors and human beings!!
If (and that's a big IF!) along my Zumba® path, I should stumble across some small miracle and be able to actually "instruct", please know that no matter what, first and foremost, I will be your student, forever and always!
So from the bottom of my heart, my Zumba® love filled beating heart, thank you, thank you, thank you. May you continue to be blessed and be the blessing you are to so many others!!

With love and admiration,

Susan Quintana



Just wanted to let you know that... YOU ROCK PAULINE!!!

The first time I took your class a couple of months ago, I was confused, scared, and embarrassed.  I couldnt keep up, and I was like, "Oh, how corny is this!  They got this woman up in here making these stiff ladies gyrate to reggaeton music!  Ha, ha, ha, this is soooo silly, I am never taking this class again!"  Then I took it a second and third time and completely FELL IN LOVE!!! 

I enjoy your class sooooo much, that I started to look forward to Wednesdays!! I enjoyed myself sooo much at the fundraiser the other day.  

Thank you, thank you, thank you again and keep up the GREAT work!

Erica T. Sanford "Keep Smiling"


The first time I took a Zumba® class, it was due to my Salsa Aerobics class being cancelled and instead Pauline was teaching a Zumba® class. I had never heard of this class before but when she said it was a mixture of Latin dance & aerobics, I thought I would give it a try. Now I can't get enough.

I always feel so energized when I finish and I never miss an opportunity. Pauline makes the class so much fun. I never thought I could lose weight laughing and joking with new friends all from one workout class. Thanks Pauline...you have turned my workout time into fun time!


Now I'm down to a size 6! 



As I began my first Zumba® workout about a year ago I did not imagine I would become such a Zumba® fanatic.  However, because of the entertainment factor I found myself taking a second, then third class. Pauline’s energy and enthusiasm is contagious!  In addition to improving my strength, balance, and energy levels, Zumba® class is such an “in the moment” process. A positive outlook and mood enhancement are great by-products of Zumba® class - - sort of like the effects of meditation but a lot more fun. Everyone is happy during Pauline’s Zumba® classes!

Finally, I have a workout that I love that burns calories without the injuries I used to experience from overdoing some exercise movement. Now I really sweat and get into the movements but I actually feel good versus relieved after a Zumba® workout.  Just a few months after I started regular Zumba® classes with Pauline my walking stride improved, and various intermittent pains in my knees, hips and even my neck have mostly disappeared. The people at the physical therapy clinics probably wonder what happened to me because I was such a regular patient, with a different problem each time!  And somehow during all of this fun and partying I lost some weight and dropped a couple of sizes. 


Thanks to Pauline and Zumba® classes, I have more energy and I’m in a great mood.  Best of all, no aches, no pains, and no wobble in my walk, plus a smaller pants size!  What a deal!


Dearest Pauline,

Tonight's Zumba® party was an absolute blast, I am still on a high from it, and i bet i wont come off it for a while. Standing there in the circle of Zumba® love, and friends that we have all became really got me thinking about how much your classes, how much you have influenced my life in such a positive way.

I remember standing in the back of Lucille Roberts, watching the end of your first demo class there and saying how i had to be a part of that amazing energy. Then, the next time i saw the class, i took it and oh baby after that i was hooked. The sound , the enthusiasm, the spunk , was just surreal.  Standing in my spot toward the back was perfect for me, i got to shake it without taking all the attention.. But you saw how much i had to give, and harnessed my energy too by pulling me upfront. Pauline- not only did i feel good, it empowered me that i can take center-stage even if im tall, and that I got the groove!

Coming to your class every Wednesday, was the highlight of my week , and when i had to miss it, well life was not the same. Soon the layers of clothing were less and i was becoming more and more confident with my body.  After each class all of us Zumba®holics would schmooze and soon we became a group of friends that well is just positive energy that i love being with . Typically, people might think that giving a class is enough, not you; you encouraged me to go for my Zumba® instructor cert. and then pumped me up to start giving classes. After all of that, you handed me that cherished class where we first met at Lucille, and i knew i had to make it the best possible because boy, did i have a legacy to live up to.

When i needed help with my fundraiser, you were there encouraging me, and helping me teach. To make me feel always included  and welcome you send out your emails and make sure im coming to the party. Your even sensitive to my religious schedule- changing the timing of your party around, as well as ask me if i can do a song- what an honor it is!! Tonight i stood up on stage, in a Zumba® halter bra-ish thing. and pants- decked out in Zumba® wear oh yea! I would have never have done that before.

It was really a pleasure.Pauline, knowing you has only brought more pleasantness, happiness, spunk, and charisma in my life. I wanted to thank you for all you are and all you have given / continue to give to me, and people like me. Its truely and honor to know you, be a part of your life, be able to party with you , look up to you, and to call you a dear friend.


Yours Truly, 




Thank you for bringing fun and laughter back into my life through ZUMBA® Fitness.  You have been a wonderful and amazing fitness instructor and I truly appreciate your talents.  Thanks again for giving me lift through life's challenges.  I really have enjoyed your classes.  I wish you continued success with ZUMBA® class. 



Dear Pauline,

I definitely missed zumba this morning too! I don’t know if I have ever shared this with you, but I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 3 years ago. I have been struggling with pain this week, so I took the day off…but I’ll be back on Monday! I have been meaning to tell you though, how thankful I am for you and for zumba. It has seriously changed my life. I spent a long time avoiding much exercise because I was afraid I would just end up in more pain, but since I have started doing zumba regularly, my pain has been better and much more under control. Infact, I spent much of the summer pain-free! It’s no coincidence that I have also lost 40+ lbs since starting zumba which helps alleviate some of the stress on my joints… and I have loved every minute of your classes. I have never worked out so hard, seen such great results, and had so much fun exercising… ever! You deserve so so much credit for making your classes so much fun, and for being so inspiring every time I get to see you. As a teacher, I truly respect and appreciate all you do for your students, and I feel so lucky to have you and zumba in my life! You are truly a blessing!!! Thank you for everything you are, and everything you do. 

With love,

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